Emily Gray - Pop Art 20th Century icons


My work is centred around 20th century icons I am drawn to regardless of fashion or public opinion.


I create my designs by layering laser cut Perspex. Perspex is the perfect pop art material with an amazing array of striking colours and interesting effects which are carefully selected in each design for maximum impact.





Johnny Cotter - pop Art


Embracing the developments in technology I work mainly I a digital format constructing images that act as a mirror to society.


My original works are mainly printed on glass, aluminium and canvas. I use symbolic understanding in themes like religion, life and politics to convey my message, thus, heralding a return of an art form that is created for the public.


Terratag - Pop Art


Terratag artwork is the clash of East and West, predominantly the pop cultures of each. It explores the cutting edge of contemporary global culture.


The brand is neither mainstream nor commercial, but simply an exciting in innovative mind working towards a creative vision.

Urban Soup

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